Turn any situation into a better one: 4 hours for joint success

In just 4 hours, you get a first insight into the benefits that leading win-win conversations, kokomm® for short, can offer you. You receive life-enriching suggestions about how you can turn any difficult situation into a better one in your professional and private life, and how you can effectively increase the quality of your personal and private connections.

  • This seminar is ideal for a first introduction to conflict management, win-win communication, and conflict prevention.
  • You can deal with differences of opinion better.
  • You feel more independent, thanks to better communication with other people.
  • You improve your interaction with other people in stressful situations.
  • You get to the point better in conversations.
  • You have more success in ensuring that conflicts do not arise in the first place.


  • What supports or impedes my communication quality?
  • How can I make better connections to other people?
  • How can I turn difficult situations into beneficial ones?
  • What benefits and possibilities does the kokomm® principle offer for my professional life?

Who benefits most?

  • People who are prepared to improve the quality of their interpersonal relationships
  • People who are faced with the challenge of difficult and conflict-charged situations in day-to-day interaction

Participant comments:

“Four hours that really make you think! I really took a lot from it!”

“I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to the topic ‘Speaking to people’.”

“Since the workshop, something has really been going on in my head! In every conversation I have had since then, I discover new communication patterns. Really astonishing …”

Susanne Otto

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