Trade fair training: how your employees can score even more on the trade fair stand

If you ask trade fair organisers about their motives for taking part in a trade fair, most of them will answer the following, or something similar: “We want to sell more.” “We would like to present our competence.” “We would like to raise awareness of our company / product.” Easier said than done. The question is: how should we do it? Let’s be honest - most employees at a trade fair booth are not trade fair professionals.

Yet, an appearance at a trade fair has a completely different set of rules to a “normal” customer consultation or traditional sales. Often, the employees at a trade fair booth are highly competent when it comes to the products and services, but at the same time, they are uncertain about the right behaviour at a trade fair. But don’t worry: with qualified trade fair training, a professional and confident trade fair appearance is also possible for your employees.

Trade fair training supports your employees effectively

Not everyone has the right personality to deal with the exceptional situation of a trade fair. Even if employees don’t openly admit it or complain about it – body language alone conveys their discomfort. The psychotherapist Paul Watzlawick recognised already in 1967 that it is not possible for people not to communicate at all. In other words: if we don’t communicate verbally, then it happens non-verbally.


However, such fundamental mistakes don’t need to happen. They can be successfully eliminated with a trade fair training session that is tailored specifically and individually to you and your team. Even with some short exercises, which are supplemented by video analyses, the body language of the participants is improved, so that they approach trade fair visitors in a more positive and open way in future.


Through specific communication training, the participants gain more confidence. In addition, they also learn better rhetoric and practical techniques of successful selling, including concentrated listening, which is very often underestimated.

Possible content for trade fair training:

  • Address: opening the conversation with interested parties with confidence
  • Question: identifying possible requirements with targeted question techniques
  • Convince: convincing in 30 seconds with the elevator pitch
  • The emergency exit: exit strategy: bringing endless dialogues to an end charmingly
  • Clarity: conveying complex content vividly and effectively
  • Storytelling: using the magic of stories
  • Show it in the right light: answering the question of price properly 
  • The common theme: keeping it going confidently and charmingly through the conversation
  • Coaching on the job: live coaching at the trade fair

What is special about a trade fair training session at mensch & kommunikation GmbH?

Without a doubt, it is the experience and qualification of our trade fair trainer Melih Dinler. On the one hand, Melih Dinler is a real trade fair expert with lots of practical distribution and sales experience. At the same time, however, as a certified trainer, coach, and psychological consultant, he has an extremely broad point of view in terms of psychology and communication. With these prerequisites, Melih Dinler encourages individual participants in his trade fair training sessions personally and according to their needs, and supports them as best possible to optimally use their skills. Using the scientifically based models INSIGHTS MDI® and persolog/DISG®, as an accredited trainer, he supports his participants in recognising their own strengths and weaknesses. Why is this important for the trade fair training and sales discussions? “Because an employee that knows their potential can specifically use these strengths in contact with the customer, and communicate more openly”, says Melih Dinler.

Messetrainer Melih Dinler
Melih Dinler

My aim is to convey security and self-confidence, so that the employee can complete their tasks at the trade fair with pleasure, where they can completely dedicate themselves to customer acquisition. Read more…

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