Welcome to mensch & kommunikation!

Dear customers and interested parties,


most of us learn about the much quoted “serious side of life” already in kindergarden. It soon becomes clear that life – and particularly learning – is by no means a bed of roses, even for optimistic souls. The attitude towards learning often remains: for many, the prospect of the much quoted lifelong learning is seen more as a threat than an opportunity.

It is a shame that this early impression prevents us from dedicating ourselves to the things that could really help us progress in life, with passion and energy! This definitely includes communication skills. In turn, these are easiest and best to learn with a joy of doing and experimentation.


If you are amongst those who already or still have this joy of learning, then join us! And if not, then come quicker! Give our trainers and coaches the chance to provide you or your employees with new and positive learning experiences!

Stefan Günzinger, Geschäftsführer der mensch & kommunikation GmbH

Looking forward to meeting you!

Stefan Günzinger
(Managing Director)

Where do we come from?

Originally, mensch & kommunikation GmbH consisted of just the two communication experts and longstanding friends Stefan Günzinger and Moritz Küffner, who joined forces in 2010 to make their vision of communication training and personality development a reality.

Right from the start, mensch & kommunikation GmbH quickly picked up speed, and very soon we were able to inspire a large number of customers with our seminars, training and coaching sessions. Since then, the tasks and the team have grown continually. 21 trainer colleagues now work with and for us, in Germany and Austria. We are represented in Frankfurt and Cologne, as well as Munich, with our open seminars.

Our mission statement

Equality and appreciation

We treat everyone equally, regardless of hierarchy levels. The joint reference framework for our trainers and coaches is a positive and appreciative human image, and the joy of working with people and organisations.


The future is cooperative

Our work is based on the conviction that people are cooperative beings at heart. We want to experience how cooperation is meaningful, enriching and fulfilling, and at the same time brings economic success.


Communication training is personality development

In our opinion, each improvement in personal communication skills contributes to the development of your own personality. This means that each trainer and coach has a great deal of responsibility for the personal development of the people entrusted to them, and proceeds with appropriate care.


Personality comes before system

Each of our trainers / coaches has personal strengths and skills, which make them unique. The full efficacy of a training or coaching session can only develop if this uniqueness is allowed to be put into effect in the scope of the role. The requirement for this is to adapt a concept flexibly to the participants and the trainer / coach – and not vice versa.


Joy, lightness and enthusiasm

We want to “infect” our customers and participants with our enthusiasm for communication, and inspire them to spend more time with this important life skill. And to do this we bring content in such a way that it is received with lightness and joy by the recipient,  who won't feel hit on the head with the literal weight of a coconut.

The magic of cooperation

The idea of cooperative communication characterises our thinking and entrepreneurial actions. We see a great deal of responsibility in this, which goes way beyond the “horizon” of our company. For us, this cooperative culture includes:

  • An open and cooperative conversation culture
  • Fair cooperation on an equal footing
  • Transparent and fair pricing
  • Customers and partners who work with a value and meaning orientation

Committed to the common good

As a company, we feel committed to serving the good of everyone, and act accordingly. For this reason, we support the movement of common good economy.