Pyramid structured communication

The concept of the pyramidal communication structure was conceived by Barbara Minto as a partner of an international top management consultancy. The pyramid structure that she created places the intended result of the presentation in the foreground, and underpins this with a logical series of argument chains and groups. The result: individual communication becomes more streamlined, target-oriented and gets to the point more.

This means that meetings, presentations and discussions are not only shorter but significantly more effective.

This is how this seminar supports your employees:

  • They formulate key messages in a recipient- and target-oriented way.
  • They create their business documents in a structured, appealing and logical way.
  • The clear structure supports them in preparing speeches, presentations and work meetings in a time-saving way.

Goals and contents:

Structure content quickly and effectively:

  • Brainstorming in the group or individually
  • Early development of hypotheses
  • Use of logical tools for the clear structuring of complex tasks

Present results clearly and convincingly:

  • Structure and content of various graph types
  • Exercises on the most important graphs and diagrams
  • Image / word sensitisation

Tailor presentations to the audience:

  • Analysis of the group of the audience
  • Derivation of the most important criteria for the addressees
  • Work out the “So what” for the audience


In the basic training (2 days) the focus is on the approach to structuring, developing concise and convincing arguments, and whole presentations. The advanced training (2 days) focuses on the whole process of working out problem areas, and professional presentation in various communication media.



  • The trainer gives around 30% methodological and content input, and the participants work out around 70% themselves, supported by the coaching of the seminar leader. This means that a more intensive workshop character emerges, which is very closely oriented towards the current challenges of the participants due to the strong content experience of the trainer.
  • Individual examples from the everyday working life of the participants ensure the greatest possible practical relevance.
  • The use of a variety of presentation techniques ensures a high level of interaction.


Target group:

Managers and employees who frequently have to communicate in a structured way (e.g. in presentations or lectures), and also consultants.

Organisational framework:

2 x 2 days, max. 10 to 12 participants

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