2 day seminar: The art of persuasion

About the difference between being right and being inspiring

Do you have something to say? A solution, a concern, a request, a demand, a project, a topic? Good, then get to the right person and spit it out! But: Why should they agree or do what you want? Or why don’t they react as you expected when your idea is brilliant, your request is reasonable and your wish is justified? And why do we often take it personally when that other person doesn’t share our opinion and we have to come away from the conversation empty-handed?


Over the course of these 2 days, we will create a substantiated basis showing you how you can constructively and cooperatively convince your conversational partner in any professional or private situation.

Content of the seminar:

  • The right preparation is half the battle.
  • A change in perspective: Understanding & comprehension
  • With one another instead of against one another
  • Increasing communicative competence
  • Dealing confidently with resistance
  • Your view of yourself & others’ view of you
  • Adjustment of your feeling of self-worth
  • Styles of communication (everyone is different; including you.)
  • How does our brain work (what encourages, what puts the brakes on?)
  • Action, reaction & consequences
  • Preparation of content (clarity, objective & bridges)
  • Mental preparation (stress relief & confidence building)
  • Body signals (what the body gives away)
  • Rhetoric: Strategies, techniques & tactics
  • The right words & the right tone
  • Respect, tolerance, values, men & women


You will learn, practice and refine. Without pressure, practically, interactively, individually and with humor!
• Exercises (with in-house, brought-along or provided material)
• Individual and group work
• Feedback from the group & trainer
• Interactive, entertaining, informative and immediately applicable.

For whom is the seminar suitable?

For anyone who wants to communicate and persuade on a level playing field, irrespective of hierarchical levels or professional groups.

The organizational framework:

  • A two-day basic training course has been proven to lay positive and sustainable foundations for communication.
  • To secure the transfer of learning, we recommend a 1-day follow-up about 3-4 months after the basic training. In this course, participants can reflect on the experiences they’ve had putting the contents of the previous seminar into practice in their everyday professional lives.

The maximum number of participants is 12 people per trainer.

Susanne Otto

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