The team of mensch & kommunikation GmbH

Full of differences and different points of view, but never indifferent of the others!

Our team in:

Munich  |  Frankfurt  |  Cologne  |  Vienna | Graz | Villach



Stefan Günzinger Stefan Günzinger DEStefan Guenzinger english profile

Trainer & Coach

Managing director of mensch & kommunikation GmbH

Backoffice Munich:

Jennifer Kübler, Seminarmanagement

Jennifer KüblerJennifer Kübler deutsches Profil


Susanne OttoSusanne Otto DESusanne Otto english profile

Key account manager and Coach

Diego, Head of Empfangskomitee

Diego  (and all other languages)

Head of the welcoming committee

Trainer & coaches in Munich:

Angela Bittner 

Trainer & Coach
Expert in rhetoric and body language

Melih Dinler, Trainer, München

Melih Dinler


Expert for trade fair and sales training

Susanne Hansen

Trainer & Coach
Expert for management communication

Heike Anna Koch

Trainer & Coach
Expert for transcultural communication

Moritz Küffner

Trainer & Coach

Expert for cooperative communication

Martin Marzett, Trainer, Munich

Martin Marzett


Expert for personal growth

Prof. Dr. Andreas Otterbach

Speaker & Trainer

Expert for respectful leadership

Martina Ottmann, Trainerin und Coach, München

Martina Ottmann

Trainer & Coach

Expert for lectures and body language

Sebastian Pflügler, Trainer, München

Sebastian Pflügler


Expert for confident appearance

Johanna Röhr, Trainerin, München

Johanna Röhr


Expert for cooperative communication

Nadescha Vornehm, Trainerin, München

Nadescha Vornehm


Expert for cooperative communication

Trainer & coaches in Frankfurt:

Karina Hagemann

Trainer & Coach

Expert for conflict management, non-violent communication and presentation

Holger Ruscheweyh

Trainer & Coach

Expert for action- and experience-oriented learning

Simone Zander


Expert for rhetoric, presentation and self-competence

Trainer & coaches in Cologne:

Karsten Stölzgen

Trainer & Coach

Expert for rhetoric and presentation

Ralf Tiemann, Coach, Köln

Ralf Tiemann

Personality- and awareness-coach

Expert for inner clarity

Lydia Weyres, Trainerin, Köln

Lydia Weyres

Trainer & Coach

Expert for self-responsibility and effect


Trainer & coaches in Vienna:

Michael Siegmund, Trainer und Coach, Wien

Michael Siegmund

Trainer & Coach

Expert for communication-processes in companies

Trainer & coaches in Graz

Nikolas Jeitler, Trainer und Coach, Graz

Nikolas Jeitler

Trainer and Coach

Expert for external and internal company-communication

Trainer & coaches in Villach

Gernot Ludescher

Trainer & Coach

Expert for structured communication

Lisa Illichmann

Trainer & Coach

Expert for management- and team-development