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Form strong teams

Successful team communication is the key to successful teams. Experienced team leaders have known this for a long time. MIT investigated this perception and found “that communication patterns are best suited of all to predicting how successfully a team will work. This alone is just as important as all the other factors put together – intelligence, personality, competence of individual team members, and conversational content” (from:

Possible training elements:

  • Foundations of team work
  • Constructive and cooperative communication in the team
  • Task definition within a team
  • Recognising & using potential in a team
  • Addressing and using otherness in the team
  • Activating joint change processes
  • Reflecting on roles in the team
  • Strengthening willingness to perform and cooperation in the team
  • Strengthening team culture

What is special about team development at mensch & kommunikation GmbH?

Our expert in team development, Holger Ruscheweyh, is both a longstanding trainer for experience-oriented learning and an expert in cooperative communication, rhetoric & presentation. He has years of experience in business training, and a deep understanding of company processes. Therefore, it is ensured that his team training is not just a “nice” event but contributes to problem solving in your company in a targeted and precise manner.

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