Preparing and presenting decision proposals effectively

Planning, preparing and giving presentations to decision makers

The presentation of effective decision proposals to the decision makers in companies is a fundamental way of making good ideas reality. Key messages and benefits are derived and summed up concisely, the visualisation optimally supports the content, and the presentation is short and powerful.

This training supports your employees in presenting ideas optimally and providing perfect conditions for the quick assessment and decision making from the company management.

Seminar goal:

The participants learn to present their decision proposals

  • authentically,
  • effectively,
  • enthusiastically,
  • in a target-group-oriented way
  • and above all in a benefit-oriented way

to your company's decision makers. The training session places particular importance on putting the focus of the participant on identifying the benefits of their decision proposals for the company and its customers.


Preparation, topic & target group(s): How does the development / product / idea benefit the company

  • The customer – how the customer benefits from this (added) value
  • Empathy – thinking from the point of view of others
  • Preparation – where can I get reliable information

Storytelling, structure of the presentation:

  • Rhetoric – structure of a professional presentation
  • Dramaturgy & storytelling – integrate theme(s) into everyday situations, make comparisons tangible and vivid, awaken the power of imagination 
  • Effective introduction & memorable wrap-up for sustainable success


  • Power Point / Keynote (templates and possibilities)
  • Layout & design (text design, colour selection, pictures, films and sources)
  • Do’s & Don‘ts


  • Audience-orientated presenting (language, foreign words, including the audience)
  • Body language (eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, voice)
  • Stage fright (dealing with stage fright and anxieties)


  • Giving own optimised presentation with feedback
  • Measures to ensure transfer to complete the training



Interactive, practical, solution-oriented - with humour! 
The most effective method for intensive further development of presentation skills is actively practicing. Participants give several presentations over the course of the workshop, and receive feedback from the trainer and other participants. The trainer gives short inputs on important associated topics based on the situation. The video recording and analysis of the presentations gives the participants, providing an even more intensive learning experience. As far as possible, we work on and with the participants’ current applicable topics.

Target group:

Employees who frequently have to present decision proposals to their superiors or decision making bodies.

Organisational framework:

A two-day seminar, guaranteeing an intensive learning process. We recommend a follow-up day to ensure knowledge transfer after about 8 to 12 weeks.

The maximum number of participants per trainer is 10.

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