Trained trade fair staff is more successful

Does this situation sound familiar to you? You head for a trade fair booth, where all the reps are wrapped up in a lively discussion – with their colleagues. That’s the same phenomenon as in the DIY store, where all the employees seem to disappear on command as soon as you enter the shop.

This is annoying for customers. For you as an entrepreneur, it’s a catastrophe. You invest a small fortune in trade fair booth building, and your employees are not pulling their weight.

Now, you could reply that these are simply generalisations. In some cases, this is surely true. Yet, experts point out that just 10% of trade fair visitors find the address they wanted when walking through the halls. And it gets worse: this shocking survey value has existed for years! You’ve guessed it, the solution to this dilemma is complex.


As a well-versed trade fair trainer, I attend the various industry events a great deal, and I can reassure you on at least some points: the cause is not the lack of competence in trade fair staff. Rather, the goals of the trade fair presence are not clear to the employees. Or they simply feel uncomfortable in their role. After all, a trade fair day means hard work, the reps are at their booth all day as if they were on stage.


Confidence at the trade fair can be learned

Not everyone has the right personality to deal with this situation casually. Even if the employee doesn’t complain about it – through their body language alone they convey their discomfort. Ultimately, it is not possible for people not to communicate at all, as the psychotherapist Paul Watzlawick recognised already in 1967.


This kind of “manual” mistakes can be successfully eliminated with a trade fair training session, which is tailored specifically and individually to you and your team. Just a few short exercises supplemented by video analyses are enough to improve the body language of the participants, so that they can approach trade fair visitors in a more positive and open way in the future. Through specific communication training the reps gain more confidence. In addition, we work on practical techniques of successful selling, including concentrated listening, which is often underestimated.


More enjoyment at the trade fair booth, with certainty and self- confidence

My goal is to convey certainty and self-confidence, so that the employee can complete their tasks at the trade fair with enjoyment, where they can completely dedicate themselves to primary customer acquisition. This includes for example, their colleagues learning to recognise when a nice conversation with a visitor is unproductive, and how to break it off in a friendly but definite way.


In order to reveal so much self-confidence, certainty is needed, which can sometimes be drawn from the participant learning more about themselves as a person. Using the scientifically based models INSIGHTS MDI® and persolog/DISG®, as an accredited trainer, I support my customers in recognising their own strengths and weaknesses. What does this have to do with sales and trade fair training? Well, an employee that knows their potential can specifically use these strengths in contact with the customer, and communicate more openly – and in all sectors, not only in DIY stores or at trade fairs.