Management training for respectful and successful leadership

On average, around 80% of the role of managers consists of communication. Therefore there is nearly nothing that has more influence on the success of a manager than their communication skills. Successful management communication creates vibrant relationships and supports employees in releasing their own potential. Thus, the leverage for management training is enormous, as the effects of good – or even bad management – have a massive influence on the success of a company.

According to a study on work quality in Germany on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour, the lack of quality of the direct manager is the main motive for changing jobs. For 76% of those surveyed, the search for a better superior was an important motivation for looking for a new job. Management expert Dr. Reinhard Sprenger takes the same line. His credo: employees leave managers, not companies.


How can management succeed?

We orient ourselves on the principles of situational management in management training. However, for us, what is even more crucial than the “technique”, is the inner attitude and the image of humanity behind it. Even if a manager knows the theory of management, they will fail if their basic image of humanity is negative and mistrustful. This inevitably leads to a type of communication where the employee cannot and does not want to call upon and introduce their full potential.


With the model of leading win-win conversations and the principles of respectful leadership, we provide a structure in which managers and their employees can enter into successful communication. Our trainers and coaches make the existing potential of every manager visible and accompany them in the development and implementation of this.


For the accompaniment of individual managers in difficult situations, we offer management coaching.

Possible elements in management training:

Successful management communication:

  • Getting to know and implementing the model of situational management
  • Giving and taking feedback correctly
  • Delegating properly
  • Powerful and effective management communication
  • Levels of management communication
  • Employee motivation
  • Potential-oriented management
  • Strengthening willingness to perform and cooperation in the team
  • Strengthening team culture

Respectful leadership:

  • Understanding the value of respectful leadership
  • Building blocks of respectful leadership
  • Cornerstones of respectful communication
  • Holding conversations respectfully
  • Giving constructive feedback and holding conflict conversations
  • Special features of male and female communication

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