Management coaching: command, promote and support employees more confidently

Employee management is becoming increasingly complex. In the tension filled space between the pressure of expectation, of having to achieve excellent financial results, maintaining a respectful and encouraging relationship with the employees, and motivating them to good performance, some managers have already lost their inner compass. Management coaching, i.e. reflection on your own leadership behaviour with the help of a neutral third party, can help to restore your own clarity. Trying out and practicing new management tools with the help of the coach has already paved the way for many managers to improve and hone their leadership skills.

Possible situations when you should consider management coaching:

  • As a manager you continually have problems reaching your employees.
  • Your instructions as a manager are not, or inaccurately, carried out.
  • Your employees regularly do not achieve agreed goals.
  • You feel “sandwiched” between your superiors and your own employees.


Coaching goal:

Our coach, as an impartial contact person, helps you reflect on your management tasks and supports you in both the improvement of your management communication (expansion of the “toolbox”) and handling specific situations and processes.


What you can expect:

  • First conversation: get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere (if a joint basis for sympathy and trust is found, you go to the next step)
  • Tailor-made personal analysis (video-aided if required)
  • Joint goal determination
  • Procedure & method is developed individually according to goal specification



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