Cooperation instead of confrontation!

Impressive keynote lectures on win-win communication by keynote speaker Moritz Küffner

“Cooperation is the model of the future.” This is the key message of the presenter, trainer, and lecturer Moritz Küffner. With his speeches and keynotes, he broadens the horizons of the listeners regarding new ways of thinking, and enables new insight into the way we interact with each other in our world – and how it can be better. Dynamic, visual, and likeable, he moves people to think – and change.

The author of the audiobook  „Das kokomm®-Prinzip: ­Segelst Du schon oder ruderst Du noch“ [The kokomm® principle – are you on course?] practices his personal convictions of cooperative communication wholeheartedly. This is surely one of the reasons why his speeches and seminars never leave any listener or participant cold.


Look forward to exciting speeches on cooperation and communication, 30 to 90 minutes long, at your event or conference! Please contact us if you are interested in further speakers and topics.

“Dear Moritz, many thanks for your great lecture at CalCon Forum. You made a crucial contribution to the success of the event.”


Jennifer Distler, Marketing and PR
CalCon Deutschland AG

Pictures from lectures: