Leadership dialogues: work well together, even with the boss!

Through neutrally presented leadership dialogue, the cooperation in the team is refined and the feedback culture is promoted. Effectiveness, cooperation, and collaboration increase in the context of an open conversational climate. Comparing self image and external perception enables a complete point of view.

How does the leadership dialogue work?

The leadership dialogue, which lasts for 3 to 4 hours, is divided into 3 phases:

  • In the introduction, the moderator/coach explains the procedure, the goals, and the rules.
  • During the group work, the team and the manager separately work on the formulation of their feedback (What should remain unchanged? Where is potential for further development?).
  • During the group discussion, the manager and the team get together again to compare and discuss their results, and ultimately set goals for the whole team.
  • A short preliminary discussion and subsequent debriefing with the manager round off the workshop.

The leadership dialogue takes place under the guidance of a specially trained coach who ensures that the communicative and content rules are adhered to. Due to this neutral, external moderation the discussion remains confidential.


What is the concrete benefit for your company?

  • The most important and obvious point of such a discussion is to give managers feedback both in terms of their behaviour and management skills, and their influence on their team. This allows managers to see themselves through the eyes of their team, which can lead to increased willingness to further develop.
  • This means that communication and cooperation within the team also improve, both in relation to relationships and cohesion, as well as stability, convocation, and sustainability.
  • The mutual understanding between employees and the manager improves by establishing the external and self image of the leadership skills of the manager.
  • High-quality and open discussion of the most important fields of action, under professional moderation with specific examples, ensures transparency of the relevant perspective.
  • Comprehensible and implementation-ready results, i.e. agreed and clearly defined goals of the manager for future cooperation (approx. 12 months), are achieved.


Special remarks:

The advantages of a leadership dialogue go way beyond giving and receiving feedback. Communication and cooperation within the team also improve, both in terms of relationships and cohesion, as well as stability, convocation, and sustainability.

In short, the leadership dialogue is an instrument that supports both the development of the manager and the team on several levels. It can (and should) be used regularly (every year or two years) as a tool to check, support, and increase both team productivity and effectiveness as well as individual development and general satisfaction.

Frequently, the leadership dialogue also opens a company to discovering the advantages in holding similar dialogues for organisational units and/or departments, namely team dialogues.


Why are Gernot Ludescher and Lisa Illichmann particularly suitable for carrying out leadership dialogues?

  • Intensive experience in giving feedback
  • In-depth understanding in attentive communication
  • Years of experience in manager communication
  • Strong content understanding of operational challenges and effects on leadership quality

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