Lead and moderate conversations effectively

Two days for better and faster results during your meetings

Everyone knows them: endless conversations or meetings with tough basic discussions and eternal, often fruitless negotiations! Inefficient meetings are right at the top of the list of “time and energy wasters” in companies. In this practical seminar you find out how to lead and moderate meetings effectively and constructively. This leads ultimately to catchy and implementation-ready results, and that with less time spent.

Who benefits the most?

Experts and managers, team and project managers, who want to lead meetings professionally in a results and participant oriented way.

What are your benefits?

After the seminar …

  • You know how to prepare for meetings expediently.
  • You know how to carry out meetings in a structured and effective way.
  • You know your controlling and organisational tasks as a meeting leader.
  • You know how to use suitable presentation methods.
  • You know how to control group processes and activate participants.
  • You know how to skillfully achieve and secure results.
  • You know how to deal with disturbances and difficult situations confidently.


  • Causes of inefficient meetings
  • The necessity of meetings
  • Occasions for meetings
  • Preparing meetings professionally
  • The role of the meeting leader
  • Organisational and controlling tasks
  • Being a moderator – a special role
  • Factors of participant satisfaction
  • Controlling group processes
  • Carrying out meetings efficiently:
    • Agenda and scheduling
    • Taking notes
    • Meeting rules
    • Steering with question techniques
    • Controlling discussions
    • Dealing with disturbances and “stage fright”
    • When you as a moderator no longer know what to do
  • Suitable moderation methods
  • Visualisation: using flipcharts and pinboards effectively


Significant methodical elements are concise trainer inputs, individual exercises, small group work, discussions, exchange of experiences, role play of meeting sequences.

Susanne Otto

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