Excellent motivation, outstanding image: why respectful leadership pays off

Inspiring keynote speeches from keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Andreas Otterbach

Over €100 billion per year is wasted in the German economy because employees are not motivated. Lack of respect often is the cause. Andreas Otterbach shows why respect is so important, and how it can be “practised”.

Respectful leadership almost unavoidably leads to commercial success. The fact that employees’ willingness to perform increases when they experience recognition and respect is known but not a given. Practised respect, just as much as lack of respect, has significant financial consequences for your company. Prof. Dr. Andreas Otterbach uses various examples to explain the effects, packed into entertaining infotainment.

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“In your presentation, you convincingly show, with many practical examples, how companies can significantly improve their operating result, through ‘active respect’ towards the employees. Very pragmatic presentation of a topic that is important for all organisations!”

Robert Langer, CEO Walt Disney
Germany (Munich)

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