How we ensure quality

Continuous seminar evaluation

We continuously evaluate training results with the aid of our evaluation sheets and scrutinise the results by means of telephone conversations with participants. We obtain additional feedback concerning the learning successes of participants in feedback discussions with human resources development staff.

Regular internal training and further advanced training courses for didactics

Twice a year we hold a 2-day internal training course for trainers. We additionally cooperate with the didactics specialist Harald Gross from Orbium Seminare, who annually offers a seminar on new developments in pedagogy and didactics for our trainers.

Own training for junior trainers

We have been training young talented trainers ourselves and introducing them to the tasks at m&k since 2013.


Learning transfer research in cooperation with universities

We work together with several universities (among others, Stuttgart Media University and University of Innsbruck) in order to gain new insights concerning the optimum learning transfer of seminar participants. We assign bachelor and master theses on this topic.


Continuous process optimisation

We continously work with external partners on the internal optimisation and anchorage of our quality processes.