Holger Ruscheweyh

Expert for action and experienced-based learning

I was initially interested in getting outside and into the great outdoors and developing a career in the area of environmental protection. I then became increasingly interested in people and the environment and became an outdoor trainer. People gradually became my main focus, and I now coach and train people indoors and out on different areas in the fields of communications and personal development. Since 2001, this has been my niche.


  • Key areas of work: Training in communicative expertise, personal development and team development
  • Trainer & consultant on the topics of management development and sales
  • Further training in the areas of presentation and public speaking, change and conflict management, working methods and time management
  • Training as a management trainer and business coach (Bosch AG)
  • Training as an experience educationalist (Outward Bound)
  • Training as an outdoor trainer (Faszinatour)
  • Diplom (equiv. MA degree) in Geography at Goethe-University Frankfurt


“Training people in their communicative possibilities and enabling them to set out on new paths is my biggest passion and what I burn for. My exceptional degree of empathy helps me to focus on the expectations and requirements of those who participate in my seminars to optimum effect. Firing the enthusiasm for further development in those who participate in my courses is my sustenance, it is a double return on the energy I use, and is a classic win-win situation.”