Effective presentation – you make the difference!

2 days for your employees' charisma

Seminar goal:

The best PowerPoint presentation in the world is no use if the presenter doesn’t “perform”! Effective presentations – in spite of all technical possibilities – are only as good as the presence and skills of the presenter.
Only those that use their communicative potential can excel here. At the same time, the ability to present in a lively and refreshing way is not an inborn talent, but instead can be learned by anyone!

In this presentation training, your employees obtain the tools for presentations that inspire – based on an analysis of each participant at the start of the seminar.



  • Where am I? The personal analysis at the start of the seminar serves as the foundation for personal development.
  • People & medium: How do I specifically put myself and my medium in the limelight?
  • “Be who you are”: How do I present authentically and professionally at the same time?
  • Video-aided feedback: Trainer & group give valuable development help through their feedback.


Who benefits most?

Employees who give a lot of presentations and want to raise their presentation and speaking performance to a new level.



Active presentation by the participants alternates with input and feedback from trainers. In this way, each participant takes a big step towards authentic and effective presentations, and all in two days.


Organisational framework:

A two-day seminar,  guaranteeing an intensive learning process. We recommend a follow-up day to ensure knowledge transfer after about 8 to 12 weeks.


The maximum number of participants per trainer is 10 people.

Susanne Otto

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