Conflict management and win-win conflict resolution

Deal with conflicts respectfully and constructively

Why should you be interested in cooperative conflict management?

  1. You learn to recognise conflicts earlier, to avoid or steer them.
  2. You become more confident and constructive when dealing with conflicts.
  3. Due to less friction, you achieve more effectiveness and efficiency.
  4. Trust as a basis for a good cooperation increases due to better communication.
  5. Your actual tasks can become the focus again.
  6. Your mental and physical health suffers enormously from acute and smouldering conflicts.
  7. The costs in companies fall due to cooperative handling of conflicts.

Seminars for companies and organisations:

Deal with conflicts cooperatively

Conflicts cause costs. And this doesn’t just mean purely material costs but also the psychological strain and health issues which arise for employees and in teams due to conflicts.


Cooperative conflict management helps to recognise conflicts early on and counteract them – on equal footing with everyone involved. Our conflict management seminars provide your employees with the necessary communication skills. More…

Coaching for conflicts:

Solve difficult situations with personal coaching

In specific conflict situations, our coaches help you find a solution with an external point of view. Our coaches work with you individually to find a solution for current difficult and stressful situations – from preparation for sensitive conversations to reflection. More…

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