Conflict management seminars for your company

Conflict management not only means reacting adequately when a conflict has already arisen or escalated, it starts much earlier than that. It is crucial to anticipate or resolve conflicts beforehand.

The solution starts with your own inner attitude. Only those who act with respect and openness towards the points of view of others can achieve good results in conflict situations or potential conflicts.

“Never judge a person before you have walked a mile in their shoes.”

Possible elements for your conflict management seminar:

  • Perceiving and resolving difficult situations early on
  • Constructive and cooperative communication

  • Recognising and changing destructive behavioural patterns

  • Becoming the master of the situation in conflict and creating selection options for yourself

  • Remaining calm and confident in conflicts

  • Recognising your own “red buttons

  • Recognising and understanding the points of view of others and using them to settle conflicts

  • Successful strategies for conflict resolution
  • Self-protection and psychological hygiene

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