Conflict coaching and coaching for difficult conversations

There are many reasons for conversation and conflict coaching. Perhaps you feel that you often achieve unsatisfactory results in difficult conversational situations? Or you think that you always sell yourself short when dealing with your customers, colleagues, or superiors, and would like to change. Another reason could be that an important conversation is coming up, which you would like to prepare for to gain confidence. Our communication coach accompanies and supports you on your path to a good solution for your issue, from the preparation of a specific conversational situation right up to reflection. He/she will help you to sustainably optimise your communication skills.

Possible situations where you should consider conflict coaching:

  • You frequently don’t achieve good results in difficult conversational situations.
  • When dealing with customers, colleagues, or your boss, you always sell yourself short.
  • You have an unpleasant but important conversation ahead of you.


Coaching goal:

Our coach supports you in finding the right solution for your issue and gives advice both about the preparation of specific discussions and their reflection. The coach helps you expand your own communicative “toolbox” for challenging conversational situations.



  • First conversation: get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere (if a joint basis for sympathy and trust is found, you go to the next step) 
  • Tailor-made individual analysis (video-aided if necessary)
  • Joint determination of goals
  • Procedure & method is developed individually according to goal specification



Our procedure is oriented towards the values of leading win-win conversations and uses models from the Harvard-concept and Friedemann Schulz von Thun.



  • Munich, Frankfurt and surrounding area
  • Nationwide on request

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