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From the storyline to the presentation

84% of all presentations in companies are perceived by the listeners as boring – says a survey of Harvard Business Managers. Now you might say: “You can be boring, but at least the information is understood.” Unfortunately, however, experience and brain research show that this is not the case. Poorly prepared and presented facts are retained by the listeners about as well as a multi-page implementation guideline from the upper financial authority.

It’s also a complete waste of time. If 10 well-paid employees listen to a presentation for 2 hours, which is well below their capabilities, the equivalent of half a person week is down the drain. This is not even including indirect costs …


Our focus in creating and delivering presentations is for presentations to be prepared in such a way that they:

  • follow a clearly structured and comprehensible central topic,
  • are interesting and memorable for the audience,
  • allow the presenter to deliver a lively and effective presentation,
  • and take into account both the goal of the speaker and the benefits of the audience.

Possible elements:

  • Preparation is everything: steps that lead to the optimum presentation 
  • Expertise: important success techniques for effective presentations 
  • Expertise: how to present complex information meaningfully and in a recipient-oriented way
  • What belongs in the presentation and what doesn’t? 
  • Learning by doing: analyse and optimise your own presentations in the seminar
  • Developing and implementing possibilities for conceptual and visual optimisation “on the job” using your own presentations. 
  • To test the effectiveness of the presentations, the participants also present during the seminar.

Who benefits the most?

  • Employees who create presentations
  • Employees who “translate” the important content of concepts / strategies / action plans into presentations

(Experience in PowerPoint required)

Additional seminars in presentations:

The best presentation is of no use if the speaker does not perform! Seminars on “Speaking in front of others” can be found here …

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