In-house seminars for rhetoric and presentation

Many companies have enormous potential in rhetoric and presentation - just waiting to be discovered. Employees that present themselves and their company well also represent their company more successfully.

Our in-house seminars are excellently suited to improving your employees' presentation and lecture skills. The improvement of these key communicative skill has a whole range of positive effects – for the company and the employees:

  • Presentations in front of customers will be more successful, as the employees present both in a more interesting way and more towards the benefits of the customer.
  • Internal presentations and meetings will be more effective, as the presentations and speeches “get to the point” quicker and more precisely.
  • The quality of communication in the company increases, as better rhetoric skills lead to increased clarity in thinking and communicating.

Our focus in rhetoric and presentation training is on your employees being able to convey information in an exciting and above all target-group-oriented manner. Whether scientific, technical or highly emotional topics: each topic can be presented in such a way that the listeners can get the greatest possible benefit from it, and at the same time the presenter reaches his/her goals!

Possible training components (examples):

  • Introduction: impact components and clarity in communication
  • Understanding: how I appear to others and why?
  • Learn the benefits: convert stage fright & nerves into motivation
  • Speak successfully:  3 simple steps
  • Gain experience: numerous practical exercises
  • Recognise yourself: analyze personal effect, strengths and growth potential
  • 360° feedback: by trainer & group

Selected seminar programmes (only in-house):

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