In-house seminars on leading win-win conversation

The ability to lead win-win conversations is a key qualification of the 21st century for the potential-oriented development of employees and companies. Apart from many other positive effects, the development of win-win communication in a company can even contribute to massive cost reductions. The costs that arise from conflicts are huge. According to a study by the Hernstein Institute, employees are bound by conflicts for an average 15% of their working time, and for managers it is even 30% to 50%.

Overcoming departmental boundaries or maintaining partner-like relationships with customers, suppliers and employees, is not a question of rhetoric tips and tricks but of your own inner attitude, which we specifically target in our seminars and workshops on cooperative communication.


We give your employees the communicative tools that they need to contribute to a cooperative corporate culture.

Possible training building blocks (examples):

  • Illuminating dimensions of communication
  • Identifying unconscious parts of communication
  • Getting to know determinants of communication
  • Cooperative communication as the key to lively relationships
  • Reflecting on correlations of attitudes, behaviour, and communication
  • Experience-oriented exercises & communication experiments
  • Understanding and using the four components of communication

The benefits for your company:

Staff management / manager development

Win-win communication significantly contributes to increased flexibility in your perception and communication, and is therefore extremely useful in the scope of a situational and cooperative management model.


Ultimately, only those who have a wide range of communicative possibilities and also keen perception skills for the needs of their counterparts can lead appropriately and successfully.


Team skills / team development

Well functioning and productive teams have a good level of communication and a high level of appreciation amongst the team members. The employees have a high level of identification with the team and can communicate respectfully with each other, even in hectic and critical situations. 


Leading win-win conversations can significantly contribute to giving team members the opinions and attitudes as well as the “tools” that combine high level team effectiveness with great satisfaction and identification of individuals with the team.

Selected seminar programmes (only in-house):

More win-win communication:

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