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New solutions and better relationships

In our opinion, dealing with people cooperatively and constructively is the key qualification of the future. Those who communicate consciously and effectively – and at the same time flexibly and with perception skills for others – can achieve optimum results in business life. Win-win communication makes it possible to communicate with customers and business partners on equal footing and therefore to avoid numerous conflicts and friction.

The seminar is based on the concept of leading win-win conversations (kokomm® for short) developed by us, and reflects the current standard of knowledge for neurobiology. For us, the core concept is the knowledge that the brain is a relationship organ and can only reach its full potential in an environment of cooperation.


On the one hand, leading win-win conversations is a “toolbox” containing instruments for more effective communication but on the other hand it is based on in-depth opinions and attitudes, which make lasting improvement and enrichment of our everyday relationships possible.



  • Win-win communication: what is it and how does it work?
  • Optimising dialogue behaviour: achieve better results for you, the issue and the others
  • Problem or solution-oriented: how constructive is my communication? How can I improve it?
  • Recognising and understanding destructive behaviour patterns, and using them to avoid conflicts
  • Learning and applying cooperative negotiation techniques
  • How can I communicate my arguments really effectively?
  • Becoming more competent when dealing with yourself and others with win-win communication
  • Broadening your point of view: generating new alternative actions and developing your own personality


What can you expect?

A humorous learning atmosphere with enjoyment and lightness in the implementation, and high empathy from  the trainer for all participants and their individual needs are a particular characteristic of all seminars by mensch & kommunikation.

An intensive learning atmosphere arises through the mixture of teaching, conversation, small group work, role plays, presentations by the participants, and phases of independent work.

With the help of numerous applicable exercises and through the feedback from trainers and the group, the participants gain experience which they can use immediately in everyday life. In this way, they recognise both their personal impact and their communicative strengths and growth potential.

The seminar is strongly experience-oriented. Lots of true-to-life and practical exercises not only help you to gain new knowledge but also contribute to an entertaining, stimulating, and sustainable learning experience. 

Organisational framework:

  • In our experience, a two-day basic training course has proven to lay good and sustainable communicative foundations.
  • To ensure learning transfer, we recommend a 1-day follow-up at an interval of 3 to 4 months from the basic training course, where the participants talk about their experiences implementing the learnings in everyday working life.
  • The maximum number of participants per seminar is 12.


What are your benefits?

Employees that can communicate cooperatively and on an equal footing with colleagues, business partners, and customers, achieving sustainably better results with significantly less friction:

  • They gain more confidence and certainty in their arguments.
  • They communicate more positively and effectively.
  • They are in a position to better understand with the point of view of their counterpart.
  • They remain more relaxed and confident in difficult situations.


Amongst other things, the company benefits from:

  • better customer loyalty,
  • improved image with customers and potential employees,
  • better working climate,
  • more satisfaction amongst employees.


Susanne Otto

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