Presentation coaching for important presentations

An enormous amount of potential is frequently wasted, particularly with important presentations. Your blindness to your own business combined with time pressure often prevents an objective view of the quality of your presentation, whether it is the stringency of the storyboard and the argument, your own abilities as a presenter, or the suitability of the media used. Working with a specialist presentation-coach gives you both an impartial view from the outside and the expertise of a communication expert, who, working together with you, puts the finishing touches to your presentation.

Possible situations in which you should consider presentation coaching:

  • You are planning an important presentation and want to optimize your performance to achieve the greatest possible success.
  • You have to give a presentation soon and are uncertain about the impact of your choice of words, voice and personality.
  • You frequently give presentations or speeches and would like to sustainably improve your impact and your results.


Coaching goal:

Preparation for a specific occasion:
Our coach accompanies you both in the conception of the presentation and the testing of it, and ensures that you perform optimally when it matters most.


Long-term improvement of presentation skills:
Over a longer period of time, our coach will develops the required skills with you in an interval system, to permanently achieve excellent results with more ease.



  • First conversation: get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere (if a joint basis for sympathy and trust is found, you go to the next step)
  • Tailor-made location analysis (video-aided if necessary)
  • Joint target definition
  • Procedure & method is developed individually according to target specification



  • Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne
  • Nationwide on request

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