Angela Bittner

Communicator of passion

How does a person work, how does he tick, how does he show that, what drives him, ...

The individual person with all their facets has fascinated Angela for as long as she can remember: the different characters, behaviours, reactions and motivation as well as the associated body - which led her directly to psychology, philosophy and the performing arts. 


During her studies, she got to know the world of media and decided that documentary films were a wonderful way of reconciling everything: Communication, psychology and working with people. 

However, her creations as a producer and director showed her with increasing clarity that her heart was set more on working with people per se than publicising their world. 

Today, she can avail herself of her treasure trove of versatile experience and pass this on to others in her trainings, coaching and consultations.

Fields of activity:

  • Rhetoric & body language
  • Presentation
  • Negotiation
  • Media-training
  • Public speaking
  • Management-communication
  • Sales
  • Change-communication
  • Self-marketing



  • LMU Munich (1989 – 91) graduated Magister Artium (Communication; Rhetoric; Direct Marketing (Prof. Siegfried Vögele); Market Psychology (Peter Neumann), Market- and Advertisement Psychology (Prof. Lutz v. Rosenstiel)
  • Performing Arts (1982 – 92: in London, Paris, Munich)
  • During and after University: Newspaper-, broadcast- and TV-internships (SZ, BR, ZDF)
  • Seminars in rhetoric, communication, media training (freelance)
  • Since 1992: self-employed in the media world (ARTE, ZDF, BR, PRO7)
  • EAVE 1999: one year of advanced education in international film productions (focus on documentaries) in England, Finland and the Netherlands
  • 2002 - today: intense education in topics and programs covering communication, sales and behavioural psychology
  • 2007 - today: KommunikationsErfolg (CommunicationSuccess) - com & de (see trainings & coaching)
  • 2009 - today: KiJuKom: presentation and communication courses for teenagers (upon request)



German and English fluent, French very good and Spanisch basics.



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